Professional Organizer

I can help you bring harmony to your mess

Services I Provide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the stuff around you?

Do you need a system to manage the “red tape” of life?

I can help you organize whatever you need organized

I can help you: 

  • Declutter or organize any room in the house (or the whole house) 
  • Clean out and organize garages, basements, closets, pantries, any storage areas
  • Downsize before a move
  • Organize and manage paperwork and mail
  • Set up, update, and maintain filing systems
  • Deal with chronic disorganization
  • Manage your time in a productive way
  • Learn how to stay focused and calm by tackling one project at a time
  • Handle possession paralysis
  • Deal with excess accumulated stuff
  • Learn the importance of a special calendar to keep track of appointments and tasks

I also provide:

  • Bereavement cleanouts
  • Compassionate assistance with senior (or other life) transitions
  • Non-judgmental assistance with hoarding issues
  • Personal coaching to help you:
  1. create a clutter-free, peaceful, living space
  2. learn how to break overwhelming tasks into manageable pieces
  3. identify and release negative thoughts that keep you disorganized
  4. learn the importance of self-talk and rewards
  5. maintain the progress you have made